Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Night at Meadow Lakes

We just got back from Mom's - they had Family Night at Meadow Lakes tonight with homemade ice cream, an ice cream contest and entertainment.  We were late - so we missed the ice cream contest, but Tammy made sure we got to try 4 of the flavors and she made mom a "suicide sundae"!  5 mini scoops of different flavors!

We tried Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut, Orange Sherbert and a Tropical Freeze - the chocolate chip was the kid winner, but Patrick and I both liked the orange!  I am dying for an ice cream maker for my Kitchenaid - I will end up fat as a fart, but I have all kinds of ideas for flavors to try!

The kids are still all about the duct tape crafts - they went to Target today and got Neon Pink, Green, Purple, Zebra stripe and Cheetah print...who knew!?  So Peyton wanted to surprise Grandma Peg, so they started a rosebud pen for her while the entertainment was playing.  He was good, but he was the son of a Southern preacher, country/gospel singer...not quite up their alley!  Anyway, Mom got to watch them finish up the pen while we finished our ice cream - how cute are they?
I hope they schedule a few more family-type events - it's an easy way to get the kids to want to go over and to have fun once we get there.  I guess I'll keep my eyes open and plan better next time so we aren't quite so late!

Okay, have to get Patrick to download some new something/upgrade for my thinking cap is in the laundry!  'night!